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  1. a/an/the

  A. There's"u" and _____ "s" in _____ word "us".

  B. There is _____ young man and _____ old man in the photo. ______ old man is _____ young man's father.

  2. one/ones

  A. I don't like this skirt. Show me that _____.

  B. The new skirts are mine. The old _____ are yours.

  3. by/with/in/use

  A. Jay can sing the song ____ either Chinese or English. How great!

  B. I won't believe it until I see it _____ my own eyes.

  C. We usually ______ a ruler to draw a straight line.

  D. Miss Zhao goes to work ______ bike.

  4. put on/wear/in/dress

  A. The twins don't always _____ the same clothes,

  B. The woman _____ a red hat is our new English leacher.

  C. It's very cold today. Please ___ more clothes when you go out.

  D. Mother is ______ my baby sister now.

  5. a lot/a lot of/many/much

  A. I like eating oranges _____, so there are always oranges at my home.

  B. There are so ______ people that I cannot count them.

  C. _____ people think living in China is_____ better than living in Japan.

  D. I've learned _____ from him.

  6. look for/find/find out

  A. Please try to _____ who stole the computer.

  B. Please help me ____ my mobile phone, I can't ____it.

  7. look/read/see/watch

  A. _____ at the picture! What can you ______ in it?

  B. I'll _____ a book instead of _____ TV tonight.

  8. and/or/with

  A. "There is no air _____ no water on the moon."means "There is no air _____ water on the moon."

  B. "The boy _____ his parents go to Hong Kong every year." means "The boy _____ his parents goes to Hong Kong every year."

  9. also/too

  A. I was at her birlhday party, and he was _____ there.

  B. Andy Law is a famous actor. He's a good singer.

  10. take/bring/carry/get

  A. The woman was _____ a big bag. Let's help her.

  B. Next lime when you come, _____ me the book, please.

  C. Who's ____away today's newspaper?. I haven't read it yet.

  D. Go and _____ me some wate. I' m thirsty.

  11. each/every

  A. "_____ of them speaks a foreign language." means _____ one of them speaks a foreign language."

  B. There are some big shops on_____ side of the street.

  12. problem/question

  A. What is the biggest _____ in the world? Can you answer this _____ ?

  B. The _____ is that he's always asking me such foolish _____.

  13. learn/study

  A. He _____ hard and at last _____ the language.

  B. The children are _____ the maths problem now.

  C. We _____ in the same school, so we often _____ from each other and help each other.

  D. We _____ English in the morning and _____ to play football in the afternoon.

  14. in/on/at

  A. There are many good apples _____ the tree.

  B. He gets up _____ six _____the morning and goes to bed ___ ten______ night _____ weekdays.

  C. Does he have lunch _____ home?

  D. The man _____ duty is reading a book _____ medicine _____the desk.

  E. In the twins' bedroom, the windows _____ the wall are very big, the pictures _____ the wall are not very new.

  15. sometime/sometimes/some time/some times

  A. Please read the text _____ until you can recite it.

  B. I will go shopping _____ tomorrow.

  C. He waited for _____ then left.

  D. They _____ play football after school.

  16. have/has/there is/there are

  A. In Class One _____ 25 boys and 25 girls.

  B. In Classroom One _____ a map of China.

  C. Does your brother _____ a map of China?

  D. _____ your brother got a map of China?

  17. right/all right/that's right/that's all/that's all right

  A. ——Thanks a lot for your help.

  —— ______.

  B. ——Are you a student?


  C. ——Let's go shopping.

  —— ______.

  D. Could you tell me whether it is _____ or wrong?

  E. I want to buy a cup of tea, a piece of bread and an apple. _____.

  18. how many/much/long/old/often

  A. ——_____ does it take by plane?

  ——It takes about eleven hours.

  B. ——_____ is your father?

  ——He is fifty.

  C. ——_____ is the fish?

  ——It's ten yuan a kilo.

  D. ——_____ do you write Io your father?.

  ——Once a month.

  E. ——_____ students are there in your class?


  19. look up/look at/look after/look like/look the same

  A. Please _____ Lucy and Lily because they are new here.

  B. Please _____ Lucy and Lily! Can you find any differences between them?

  C. Lucy and Lily are twin sisters. They _____ each other very much.

  D. Lucy and Lily _____.

  E. Please ______ the new words in your dictionary.

  20. what/which/who/whose/where/how

  A. ——______ do you like China?

  ——Very much.

  B. ——______ do you like about China?

  ——The food and the people.

  C. ——______ is Mr. Green?

  ——He is an English teacher

  D. ——______ is Mr. Green?

  ——He is Jim's father.

  E. ——______ falher is Mr. Green?


  F. ——______ man is Mr. Green?

  ——The man on a black bike.

  G. ——______ is Mr. Green from?

  ——He's from America.

  H. ——_____ is Mr. Green like? --He is tall and thin.

  21. class/lesson

  A. He listens to the teacher carefully in _____.

  B. There are four _____ in each unit of the English textbook.

  22. in time/on time

  A. You must give back the book to me _____.

  B. You're just _____ for the last bus.

  23. for short/short for

  A. TV is ________ television,

  B. They callme Tom _______ .

  24. may be/maybe

  A. Tom, ______ you are right.

  B. The mon over there ______ Li Lei's English teacher.

  25. begin/start

  A. When can we _____ off for Beiiing?

  B. He didn't know how to _____.

  26. other/another/the other/others/the others

  A. Those shoes are too small for me. Would you show me _____ pair?

  B. There are six people in the room. Three are girls, _____ three are boys.

  C. He is always helping _____.

  D. There are many books in the box. Ten of them are mine, _____are my sisler's,

  E. Mr Liu and Miss Sun and four ______ teachers are teaching this class.

  27. must/have to

  A. We _____ follow our Party to go.

  B. He _____ get up earlier because his mother asks him____to cook breakfast.

  28. be good/be good to/be good at

  A. My parents ______ me.

  B. He ______ English.

  C. Chocolate ______ your health, do you agree?

  29. road/way/street

  A. Can you tell me the ______ to your school?

  B. I met him in the ______.

  C. They drove along the country ______.

  30. in front/in front of/in(at) the front

  A. Ricky stood _____ lhe stage and began to sing.

  B. He sits _____ and I sit not far behind him.

  C. A tree stands ______ the house.

  31. hope/wish

  A. I _____ you to win the competition.

  B. I _____ you can win the competition.

  C. We have no _____ to finish the work in time. What shall we do?

  D. Best _____ to all of you in the coming year!

  32. ago/before

  A. Everyone should come back _____ five o'clock.No one should be late.

  B. "He came back two days ____." means "He came back the day ____ yesterday."

  33. by the way/on the way in the way

  A. The chair is _____. Please move it away.

  B. _____, have you got a computer at home?

  C. Roy happened to meet his father ______ to school.

  34. match/game/sport

  A. The Chinese basketball team had a _____with the American basketball team in the last Olympic _____.

  B. I often do _____ or play with my classmates after school.

  C. There will be a _____ meeting next week.

  35. go on/go on doing/go on to do

  A. After they had read the text, the students___the exercises.

  B. They _____ the farm work in the field though it was raining hard.

  C. I hope everything _____ well.

  36. at the end/in the end/by the end/to the end

  A. Go down this road _____ and you'll find the police station on your left.

  B. Which building is _____ of the road? Is it a supermarket or a hospital?

  C. Tim laughed _____ because he won the game,

  D. How many English words had you learnt _____ of last term?

  37. what/how

  A. "_____ a good film!" means "_____ good the film is!"

  B. "_____ beautiful music!" means " _____ beautiful the music is!"

  C. "_____ is the weather?" means " _____ is the weather like?"

  38. in/to/on

  A. Japan is _____ the east of China and Taiwan is _____ the southeast of China.

  B. Henan is _____ the north of Hubei.

  39. just now/right now

  A. I must go to my office.

  B. I made a telephone call to my friend ______.

  40. how often/how soon/how long/what time

  A. ---- _____ will he be beck?

  ---- In a week.

  B. ---- _____ does he come back?

  ---- Once a week.

  C. ---- _____ were you in Beijing last year?.

  ---- For a week.

  D. ---- _____ did you go to bed last night?

  ---- At eleven.

  41. few/little/a few/a little

  A. There's _____ time left. We'll be late if we don't hurry.

  B. We still have _____ apples at home. We needn't buy any now.

  C. There're _____ apples at home. You'd better go and buy some.

  D. I still have _____ money on me, so I can buy apples with it.

  42. neither/either/none

  A. _____ of them is here. All of them have gone to Shanghai.

  B. _____ of his parents is a doctor. They are teachers.

  C. _____ Damao or Xiaomao will go there for the dinner. One of them should stay at home.

  D. He speaks _____ English nor Japanese. He speaks Chinese.

  43. both/all/whole

  A. _____ the books are here. You may choose any of them!

  B. _____ of the twins like spending _____ their money on books.

  C. "The workers worked the _____ day." means. "The workers worked _____ day."

  44. cross/across/through/over/pass/past

  A. The car _____ by with a thick smoke behind just now.

  B. The boss walked _____ me without saying a word at half _____ one. I don't know why.

  C. The sunlight is shining in _____ the window.

  D. "Go _____ the bridge." means " _____ the bridge."

  E. They climbed _____ the tall wall, didn't they?

  45. arrive/get/reach

  A. Please tell me when you'll _____in Taiyuan. I'll meet you at the airport.

  B. Can you tell me how to ____ to the nearest police station?

  C. Please call me when you _____ Shanghai.

  D. The passengers were worried because the train didn't ___on time.

  46. noise/sound/voice

  A. Our physics teacher told us light travels faster than _____.

  B. "You have a beautiful____," the man said to her in a sweet ___.

  C. We shouldn't make any _____ in the reading room.

  47. so/nor

  A. ---- They have supper at six every day.

  ----- _____ do we.

  B. ---- They don't use animals to do farm work now.

  ---- _____do we.

  48. be asleep/fall asleep/go to sleep/go to bed

  A. I usually _____ at half past nine every evening.

  B. The young man lay on the sofa and _____ soon.

  C. The baby _____. Please don't talk.

  49. pardon/sorry/excuse me

  A. ______, I am late.

  B. ______? I didn't hear what you said,

  C. ______, could you tell me the way to the station?

  D. I beg your ______, Sir, for coming here late.

  50. spend/take/pay/cost

  A. "It ______ me an hour to read English every day." means" I ____an hour reading English every day."

  B. The T-shirt ______ me eighty yuan. means " I ______ eighty yuan on the T-shirt. "

  C. "She ______ 100 dollars for the ticket." means " She ______ 100 dollars on the ticket."

  D. I am going to _____ my summer holiday in my hometown.

  51. interest/interested/interesting

  A. Are you ______ in the ______ storybook?

  B. He says he has no ______ in visiting the places of ______. I don't know why.

  52. sleepy/sleep/asleep

  A. I didn't get to ______ until late last night.

  B. I felt very ______ because I didn't ______ well last night.

  C. He fell _____ during the meeting.

  53. as/like

  A. Football is not so popular ______ ping-pong in Chino,

  B. If you do _____ I told you, you'll make fewer mistakes.

  C. You should do it ______ this,

  D. The girl looks ______ her mother.

  54. fall/drop

  A. Unluckily,the runner ______ his stick on the ground.

  B. I heard Tony ______ down from the tree and hurt his leg.

  55. miss/lose

  A. She ______ her wallet on her way to the supermarket.

  B. They were very sad because they ______ an important football game.

  C. We all ______ you very much. How soon will you be back?

  56. much too/too much/too many

  A. Mr. Green eats _______ food, so he is ______ fat.

  B. I have ______ books to read and ______homework to do today.

  C. Watching TV ______ is bad for your health.

  57. be famous for/be famous as

  A. Yao Ming ______ a basketball player,

  B. China _______ its food in the world.

  58. look over/look up/look for/find/find out

  A. The old man _____ his money everywhere, but he couldn't ____ it.

  B. If you've ______ who broke the window, please tell me.

  C. If you don't know the new words, please ______ them _____in a dictionary,

  D. After the doctor _____ the patient very carefully, he said there was nothing serious.

  59. used to/be used to/would

  A. Granny ______ living in city now.

  B. He said he ______ come tomorrow.

  C. I ______ live with my grandparents, but now I have my own home.

  60. search/search for/find

  A. The police ______ their missing children here and there, but they didn't ______ him.

  B. The policeman _____the thief to see if he stole the money.

  61. none/no one

  A. ______ of the workers went to see the film last night.

  B. ---- How many workers went to see the film last night?

  ---- ______.

  C. ---- Who went to see the film last night?

  ---- ______.

  62. have been to/have been in/have gone to

  A. They ______ Beijing for five years,

  B. They ______ Beijing three times.

  C. ---- Where're they?

  ---- They ______ Beijing.

  63. so/such

  A. It is ______ a heavy box that he can't carry it.

  B. The box is ______ heavy that he can't carry, it.

  C. I had ___ much work to do that I slept very late last night.

  64. join/take part in

  A. The children ______ the English Evening and had a good time.

  B. When did your father ______ the Party, do you know?

  65. except/besides

  A. Millie is good at sports ______ football, he also does well in playing basketball.

  B. We all passed the exam ______ Li Ming. How unlucky he is!

  66. die/dead/dying/death

  A. "His father ______ two years ago." means "His father has been _____ for two years."

  B. Mary is always sad when she thinks of her little cat's ____.

  C. The doctors are trying to save the ______ man.

  67. as/for/since/because

  A. ______ everyone is here. let's start the meeting.

  B. ---- Why didn't he come to school?

  ---- ______ he was ill.

  C. There must be nobody in the classroom, ______ the light is off.

  D. ______ I am young, I often give my seat to old ones on buses.

  68. still/already/yet

  A. He is over seventy. But he is ______ working on the farm.

  B. He has not come ______.

  C. They have ______ finished doing the homework.

  69. be able to/can

  A. Mum said "Huahua, you _____ watch TV after you finish doing your homework."

  B. They may _____ win the competition, for they have practised for a long time.

  C. Jim _____ not be in the office now, for he left an hour ago.

  70. own/have/there be

  A. I _____ a new computer. My uncle bought it for me as a birthday present yesterday.

  B. You should do it with your _____ hands.

  C. ____ a CD player on the desk. Whose is it?

  71. as well/too/also/either

  A. Mr. Green can _____ speak Chinese well.

  B. I haven't heard from him. She hasn't heard from him, ___.

  C. I have been to Beijing twice, _____.

  D. People in Korea celebrate the Spring Festival _____.

  72. give up/give in

  A. You can't _____ English, because it's very important.

  B. Finally I _____ and accepted the job.

  73. turn on/rum off/turn up/turn down

  A. Please _____ the radio. I can't hear the news clearly.

  B. Please _____ the radio. It’s too noisy.

  C. Please _____ the light. It's too dark here and I can't see anything.

  D. Please _____ the light when you leave here.

  74. try out/try on

  A. Please _____ the new shoes. I don't know if they fit you.

  B. The boy is clever and he likes _____ new ideas.

  75. hear of/hear from/hear about

  A. We haven't ______ him since last Christmas.

  B. I don't know the writer, but I have ______ him.

  C. I have never _____ such a funny story before.

  76. hand in/in hand

  A. I have 1,000 yuan ______. But that's not enough.

  B. You should _____ your exam papers on time.

  77. send up/send away/send for

  A. The police were ______ when the accident happened.

  B. The boss ______ the worker because he was too lazy.

  C. Our country ______ another man-made satellite last year.

  78. thanks for/thanks to

  A. ____ the police, the parents found their lost child soon.

  B. ____ helping me with my English.

  79. steal/rob

  A. The thief ______ the mobile phone from me.

  B. The man ______ me of my mobile phone.

  80. that/which/who

  A. This is the best film _____ has been shown this year.

  B. You can take any seat _____ is free.

  C. Is there anything ______ I can do for you?

  D. Those ______ know the answer, put up your hands.

  E. The teacher, ______ comes from England, speaks English.


  A. a, an, the;B. a, an, The, the

  A. one;B. ones

  A. in;B. with;C. use;D. by

  A. wear;B. in;C. put on;D. dressing

  A. a lot;B. many;C. Many/A lot of, much/a lot;D. a lot/much

  A. find out;B. look for, find

  A. Look, see;B. read, watching

  A. and, or;B. and, with

  A. also;B. too

  A. carrying;B. bring;C. taken;D. get

  A. Each, Every;B. each

  A. problem, question;B. problem, questions

  A. studied, learned;B. studying;C. study, learn;D. learn/study, learn

  A. on;B. at, in, at, at, on;C. at;D. on, on, at;E. in, on

  A. some times;B. sometime/some time;C. some time;D. sometimes

  A. there are;B. there is;C. have;D. Has

  A. That's all right;B. That's right/Right;C. All right;D. right;E. That's all

  A. How long;B. How old;C. How much;D. How often;E. How many

  A. look after;B. look at;C. look like;D. look the same;E. look up

  A. How;B. What;C. What;D. Who;E. Whose;F. Which;G. Where;H. What

  A.class;B. lessons

  A.on time;B. in time

  A.short for;B. for short

  A. maybe;B. may be

  A.start;B. start/begin

  A.another;B. the other;C. others;D. the others;E. other

  A.must;B. has to

  A.are good to;B. is good at;C. is good for

  A.way;B. street;C. road

  A.in the front of;B. in front;C. in front of

  A.wish;B. hope/wish;C. hope;D. wishes

  A.before;B. ago, Before

  A. in the way;B. By the way;C. on the way

  A. match, Games;B. sports, games;C. sports

  A. went on to do;B. went on doing;C. goes on

  A. to the end;B. at the end;C. in the end;D. by the end

  A. What, How;B. What, How;C. How, What

  A. to, in;B. on

  A. right now;B. just now

  A. How soon;B. How often;C. How long;D. What time

  A. little;B. a few;C. few;D. a little, a few

  A. None;B. Neither;C. Either;D. neither

  43. A. All;B. Both, all;C. whole, all

  A. passed;B. past, past;C. through;D. across, Cross;E. over

  A. arrive;B. get;C. reach;D. arrive/reach

  A. sound;B. voice, voice;C. noise

  A. So;B. Nor

  A. go to bed;B. fell asleep/went to sleep;C. is asleep

  A. Sorry;B. Pardon;C. Excuse me;D. pardon

  A. takes, spend;B. cost, spent;C. paid, spent;D. spend

  A. interested, interesting;B. interest, interest

  A. sleep;B. sleepy, sleep;C. asleep

  A. as;B. as;C. like;D. like

  A. dropped;B. fell

  A. lost;B. lost/missed;C. miss

  A. too much, much too;B. too many, too much;C, too much

  A. is famous as;B. is fatuous for

  A. looked for, find;B. found out;C. look, up;D. looked over

  A. is used to;B. would;C. used to

  A. searched for, find;B. searched

  A. None;B. None;C. No one

  A. have been in;B. have been to;C. have gone to

  A. such;B. so;C. so

  A. took part in;B. join

  A. besides;B. except

  A. died. dead;B. death;C. dying

  A. Since;B. Because;C. for;D. As

  A. still;B. yet;C. already

  A. can;B. be able to;C. can

  A. have/own;B. own;C. There is

  A. also;B. either;C. too;D. as well/also/too

  A. give up;B. gave in

  A. turn up;B. turn down/off;C. turn on/up;D. turn off

  A. try on;B. trying out

  A. heard from;B. heard of;C. heard about/of

  A. in hand;B. hand in

  A. sent for;B. sent away;C. sent up

  A. Thanks to;B. Thanks for

  A. stole;B. robbed

  A. that;B. that;C. that;D. who;E. who